Arthur Beale Rigging Tool Bag

775.00 kr


This heavy duty canvas and leather bag was primarily designed for Yacht Riggers who required a bit more space to carry tools and equipment than a standard Ditty Bag would provide. It is made from heavy cotton canvas with strong polyester webbing handles. Thick jute cord is sewn inside the top hem of the bag which ensures it stands up without further support. The base is made from top grain leather to provide a water-resistant surface which will not scratch varnished surfaces. The web handles are provided with a soft leather grip. A delta ring is fastened at the base of each handle. The delta rings can be used for attaching a securing lanyard, or simply for storing karabiners.

There are 24 pockets around the outside of the bag of varying sizes capable of holding small items such as fids and spikes right up to large pockets for notepads and cutting boards.

Inside there is a large clear area capable of holding small reels of wire rope and wire cutters as well as small socket sets and consumables. There are also 18 pockets sewn around the inside surface for pliers, nut spinners, grips, spanners etc.
Furthermore, there is a 300 mm long narrow web loop with a snap clip designed to hold rolls of insulating and amalgamating tape.

Of course, although the bag was designed as a Riggers’ Bag it would clearly suit many other tasks. It would certainly make a first class Artists’ Bag and would be at home in the workshop, garage or garden.