With the goal of getting more horses to recover from injuries, perform better in everyday life and in competition without sacrificing their well-being, I started my company Care4Horses Sweden AB and the services and products I offer are carefully selected by me with a focus on proven and actual results.

Everything from different types of treatments, rehabilitative/strengthening training of horses, to dietary supplements for horses based on real research with documented results (Science Supplements). Care4horses is Sweden's official distributor of Science supplements.

The fact that I am a certified horse masseur (Axelssons Animal Massage), trained riding instructor (Strömsholm), training/competition rider (dressage up to Msv A + a little "puff and puff" and also some terrain and jumping at a low level) gives me the ability to provide an overview. I consider it important to get as good and lasting results as possible and to be able to have a good dialogue to be able to set up a plan together with horse owners, riders etc.

This combination of roughly 25 years of experience working with various rehab horses as well as a network of contacts with some of those who I consider to be among the most knowledgeable on subjects that specifically concern treatment, rehabilitation and sustainable training of horses/equipage, gives me a solid toolbox to draw from . I am a member of and liability insured by NHMF, (Nordic Horse Massagers Association).

You are warmly welcome to get in touch!